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I'm just a 22 year old girl trying to afford school.

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Arrowhead Apparel Ash Sweatshirt w/ Dark Tribal Pocket Detail 

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Arrowhead Apparel Embroidered Beanie 👌

We have a winner! The Black Arrowhead Logo Tee is in production. I’ve made the design available for preorder because sizes are EXTREMELY limited.

Size Break Down:

  • Small - 7
  • Medium - 7
  • Large - 5
  • XL - 2

Go preorder yours now before your size runs out! 



This print is from a poem I wrote and I’d be so honored if you guys purchased it.

Help me get this printed! CLICK HERE to check out the campaign! It ends in three weeks (starting today: Oct 8th - Oct 29th!)  The money will go towards new products/ designs. 

Go to to check out the prices for different shirts/hoodies! 


Add some red to your wardrobe
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I will no longer be accepting international orders

I’ve too many issues with shipping outside the U.S. and I can’t really justify offering the option anymore For now it’s a temporary situation but I may shut down international ordering all together. I cannot track or insure international orders without spending a crazy amount of money and to do so I’d have to hike up the  prices for international shipping, which would lead to a ton of angry people emailing me. The shipping is set to an extremely high price to deter international orders for right now because I can’t turn off that function. 

I’m sorry to all my international supporters. You guys are awesome and I hope to find a better solution soon.