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street/urban wear - hand sewn custom shirts - original Prints

I'm just a 22 year old girl trying to afford school.

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Alright guys, go forth and purchase your Arrowhead Crew Neck!

Back by popular demand! 

choose ANY pocket detail for your sweatshirt. Check the Arrowhead Store for current designs. Some prints have been discontinued/retired. If it’s available as a pocket tee it’s also available for a crew neck. Maroon Crew Necks are also available. 

Go ahead. You can do it. I believe in you. You got this.
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Dude, fuck everyone complaining about your prices. Their just cheap and unaware of the amount of work you put into hand sewing shirts for people. I just bought a hat for $32 yesterday and I didn't give two shits. I bought 3 mass printed basic ass nike shirts for $28 each and didn't think anything of it and I'm pretty sure the screen printing machine doesn't have to worry about rent or school fees. I've bought your shirts and will buy plenty more because they're more than worth the price. <3

A question by Anonymous


I love you so fucking much. You don’t even understand. 


& on that note, I’m going to go kick it in SF before I start classes on monday. 

shout out to everyone whose purchased something from my store. You guys are the only reason I was able to afford my classes. I’m extremely thankful. 

hey so your shirts are super super cool but they're real expensive... do you think you'd have a sale or discount or something? like maybe one day where they cost less? <3

A question by Anonymous


I get this question like 10 times a day so this will be the last time I publicly answer it. 

I always encourage people to read this so they can understand more about me and the Brand.

The answer:

I did not start Arrowhead Apparel to make a name for myself in the fashion world. I’m not interested in opening a store or building some colossal empire made of pocket tees. I sell my shirts because I’m trying to pay off debts and afford school. Once I started getting a ton of orders I decided to work on my brand full time so I literally just sew shirts and run to and from the post office every single day. 

This is how I pay my rent, afford school books, save for film equipment, and make payments on my student loans. I also have to order supplies (shirts, printed designs, fabric, labels, and more) every month. I also have to buy food, pay my phone/utility bills, afford clothing, and a ton of other stuff.  See how it all adds up?

I am not a name brand. I don’t have a factory somewhere in china where people get paid pennies to crank out shirts for me. I stay up day and night working on all of this by myself. This is a one (wo)man show and believe me, it’s really frustrating and difficult. People always think that I’m working with a group of people but I’m not. It’s all me. I do all the sewing, I order all the supplies, I take all the photos (aside from friends who submit photos or rep for me) and I take ALL the complaints. I work really hard at this and I do my best to provide quality shirts and designs that people like. I stress over this brand more than anything else in my life.

So all in all, I get it, I do. No one wants to pay more than $10 for anything but I think a handmade/customized shirt is worth the money, especially if you support the person behind the clothing. I go to great lengths for all my customers and try my best to keep them happy but I will not change the prices. My hard work is worth the price. If people can pay $35 for a plain shirt that says Obey or Nike on it I’m sure you can pay the same price for something unique and handmade that you won’t see on other people all the time.