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street/urban wear - hand sewn custom shirts - original Prints

I'm just a 22 year old girl trying to afford school.

If you like the brand tell your friends! Spread the word!

This kid really knows how to shop. Shoutout to this guy/gal for representing Arrowhead Apparel in the best way.

Someone asked me if I wear my own shirts lol.
Hell yeah, dude. And when the hoodies are done printing I’m going to live in that thing okay.


Alright guys, go forth and purchase your Arrowhead Crew Neck!

Back by popular demand! 

choose ANY pocket detail for your sweatshirt. Check the Arrowhead Store for current designs. Some prints have been discontinued/retired. If it’s available as a pocket tee it’s also available for a crew neck. Maroon Crew Necks are also available. 

Go ahead. You can do it. I believe in you. You got this.
*please keep caption*

Dude, fuck everyone complaining about your prices. Their just cheap and unaware of the amount of work you put into hand sewing shirts for people. I just bought a hat for $32 yesterday and I didn't give two shits. I bought 3 mass printed basic ass nike shirts for $28 each and didn't think anything of it and I'm pretty sure the screen printing machine doesn't have to worry about rent or school fees. I've bought your shirts and will buy plenty more because they're more than worth the price. <3

A question by Anonymous


I love you so fucking much. You don’t even understand. 


& on that note, I’m going to go kick it in SF before I start classes on monday. 

shout out to everyone whose purchased something from my store. You guys are the only reason I was able to afford my classes. I’m extremely thankful.