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|| Arrowhead Apparel© ||

street/urban wear - hand sewn custom shirts - original Prints

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please keep links/captions on the photos

ICERose on black Crewneck
TribalBandanaDark Tribal

Hey guys, I’d like to share new info about the Arrowhead Apparel Store:

  • Perk for the US buyers! shipping rates for the unites states have dropped significantly. shipping (in the unites states only) is now $1.00. Each additional item will add .25 to your shipping total. Example: if you order three shirts your shipping total will only be $1.50
  • check the @arrowhead_apparel instagram for the shirt giveaway thats currently going on! Don’t miss out on your chance to get a free shirt! The next giveaway will be on tumblr so make sure you follow 
  • I’m still looking for reps and photographers. If you’re pretty skilled with a camera I’d love to offer you a nice discount for any apparel that you’d like to own/ photograph for me. (Sorry, everything can’t be free). Message me with your name and a website/tumblr/instagram account where I can view your work and I’ll get back to you if I’m interested. If you’re just a popular individual (you lucky bastard) put your cockiness to use and rep for a brand you like!
  • Youtubers! If you’re into Arrowhead Apparel and your youtube account is looking pretty impressive, message me! I’m hoping to reach a wider audience and I’m sure you’re just the one to help me out with that. 
  • Keep an eye out for new designs, new labels, & new faces. Oh, and remember, I’m just one person! I’m doing the best I can with this company so cut me a little slack and spread the word if you’re feelin’ the brand. 
  • Never forget why you started: Why I started

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ICERose on black Crewneck
TribalBandanaDark Tribal


I’m moving and won’t be able to handle orders while packing and working. The store will open again as soon as i’m settled in California in April. SO find a rep with a discount code and go make your purchases asap!

Buy your gear now!
Buy your gear now!